Digitized Environment

Funded by: FTTE, Round 1

The project ‘EmBRACE’ addresses the social distancing needs, by a strategic approach of the Greek system integrator “Optionsnet”, through technology transfer from the German ICT solution provider “Telocate”.

As significant crises like COVID-19 have affected the tourism industry, an urgent demand has arisen in cruise and passenger shipping, for safety measures, maximum density policies in the shared spaces and monitoring infrastructures, in order to ensure compliance to safety and health regulations.

Despite all the negative socioeconomic circumstances of the last years, there is a great market opportunity and expectations on ICT related solutions for the tourism industry and for innovative solutions like Embrace. We expect to provide the new products to the cruise market and follow a successful roadmap for scaling-up the product in international markets.

Smart wearables in the form of Bracelets worn by passengers, indicate violations of social distancing policies and by statistical density analysis, indicating hot spots of crowded areas.

The wearables integrate a solution of low-power IoT devices with ultrasound and Bluetooth communication.

The EMBRACE technology enables features such as:

  • Warning signals when close to others
  • Vibration
  • Bright LED flash
  • Acoustic cue signal

The Smart4ALL programme provided an ideal framework and financing instrument for the experimental project ‘EmBRACE’, which helped both companies to establish a strong collaboration relationship and through the coaching sessions, to mature the technology and business aspects and deliver solutions regarding the social distancing challenge.